Green Bar

Your vegetarian restaurant

GREEN BAR, a buffet-style vegetarian restaurant, is characterized by having a kitchen free of meat, a healthy one, creative, varied, balanced, fresh and totally homemade. These qualities have made this restaurant one of the favorite places for locals and tourists. We offer a large choice of nutritious main meals flavored with herbs and spices, extra fresh salads, sweet desserts, homemade pastry and hot or cold drinks. Everything is prepared on-site.
The menu is usually changing according to the seasonal and local products which allows the full creativity of our young chefs to manifest. We love experiencing, studying and evolving thus we can surprise you with a large range of extraordinary tastes.
We’re offering both new and traditional recipes: we love transforming typical Czech dishes into vegetarian ones and playing with the diversity of international cuisine. While cooking, we’re trying to preserve the highest amount of vitamins and minerals.
Green Bar opened its doors in September 2007 and became a very popular eatery in Olomouc for those who wants their lunch plates diversified and healthy and for those who are open to try new things.
From time to time, once or twice a month, you can savor an enjoyable “Special day” – based on a theme, region or diet, we lovingly prepare a wild range of special dishes (Gluten-free Thursday, A day in France, The secrets of Polish cuisine, Arabic breakfast, Balcan cuisine…).
Also, we participate in many charitable purposes (Tulipánový měsíc, Běh pro rannou péči…) and our restaurant offers space for presentation of artistic works (exhibition of paintings from Marie Vyhlídalová during the summer 2019…)
Friendly and helpful staff, bright, clean and spacious place with excellent location near the main square… like a bonus in addition to our gorgeous food! 🙂 You can also pack your meals “to-go” if you want to enjoy your lunch at home.

Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten-free

You choose the composition and the size of your meal

You pay just for what you pick-up

We cook from fresh and mostly local ingredients

You can see what's going on in our kitchen

Wheelchair accessible &kid corner