Come & taste it!

We offer a large choice of main meals flavored with herbs and spices, nutritious salads, sweet desserts, homemade delightful pastry and hot or cold drinks.
Green Bar is a buffet-style restaurant: you choose your own composition of food and pay by weight at the cash desk (only for the amount you took ).
The prices are in CZK, we accept only cash (not credit cards!). You can also pack your meal in our box or in your own box. This restaurant is register in the EET system of sales.


Main dishes 100g

$31 Kč


$45 Kč

Salads 100g

$28 Kč

Pastry, Bread

$10 Kč

Dessert medium

$35 Kč

Dessert big

$45 Kč


$30 Kč


Natural soya drink, Whey 200ml

$25 Kč

Herbal tea 200ml

$25 Kč

Water 750ml

$30 Kč

Juice 200ml

$30 Kč

Drink from young barley grass 200ml

$25 Kč

Homemade lemonade 200ml

$20 Kč

Iced tea 500ml

$45 Kč

Kofola 500ml

$29 Kč

Tea (Dilmah, bio) 200ml

$29 Kč

Beer (alcohol free) 500ml

$30 Kč

Juice Rauch 200ml

$39 Kč


Fresh fish 1

$129 Kč

Fresh fish 2

$139 Kč

Box square (little, middle, big)

$10 Kč

Box rounded

$5 Kč

Cup for soup

$7 Kč


$2 Kč